As the world around us is in flux and upheaval, we find comfort in the consistency and predictability of flowers and their seasons.  We’d like to share the joy and peace flowers bring with as many people as possible, as safely as possible. In keeping with social distancing standards and practices, we are pivoting to provide market pre-orders this year. By pre-ordering a bouquet, you reduce time spent at market, alleviate cash and card handling at market, and reduce person to person contact at the market. Thanks for helping keep our market and our community safe!

Once you’ve selected a size, simply place your order and you can pick your bouquet from our wide array of offerings at the following Saturday Market. Our intended market dates are every Saturday from May 2nd until first frost in fall. 





Special Offerings



Any special requests regarding color or style must be agreed upon prior to an order being placed. Please feel free to contact us regarding special requests as we do our best to accommodate them.