Tulip Tea Party

Few flowers herald the coming of spring in the collective mind quite like tulips. I thrill at seeing their determined green tips pushing through the soil in late winter, knowing that warmer days are only weeks, instead of months, ahead. Planting thousands of the plump tawny bulbs each fall is quite literally sowing a dream; an exercise in patience, planning and providence.



While I wait for the majority of the mass plantings to emerge in the garden, it’s always sweet to have a few potted up and pulled inside to encourage earlier bloom times. After the necessary chilling period, I bring them into the warmth and sunlight. This change in climate spurns on rapid green growth, stretching and winding upwards and onwards and I know blooms won’t be far behind.


This year I had quite a few bulbs of the more petite variety to spare. The amount of boring block pots was becoming stifling so what to do? I scrounged around for some old teacups, no longer part of a set, and put them to a new use. A whimsical repurposing that hints at that infamous mad hatter party of Alice in Wonderland, I’m tickled with the result and would love to share a few with our customers! Simply click here to reserve one, they make the perfect gift for small spaces such a desks or guest rooms!

Teacup Tulips are planted in high quality potting mix and protected with a nest of moss on the surface to help with water retention and to keep dirt where it belongs. Minimal care is required; simply water when soil is dry and keep teacup in a warm, sunny spot. The bulbs can be replanted directly into your gardens once the bloom has been enjoyed.