Return to Normalcy

Hello again friends!

It’s been a while...

We sure have missed you all! 2020 was a tough year for all of us, and we are so proud of everyone for making it through to 2021. We suffered the loss of five loved ones in a three month span this fall/winter, and it was my first real experience with death and grieving. I have been very fortunate to make it this far in my life without experiencing that caliber of pain, but it left me entirely inept to navigate such a challenge. I apologize wholeheartedly for seemingly dropping off the face of the earth, but I found it easiest to turn inwards and to the garden for the healing of my mind and heart. I am exceptionally grateful and touched by those who reached out. Your patience while I recovered is beyond appreciated, and I am thrilled to begin the 2021 season with buoyed hopes and plans.


We spent lots of time these cooler months taking stock of the year past and fine tuning our operations here at the farm. Last year Covid had us sort of flying by the seat of our pants, as many unknowns and changing variables were added to the mix randomly. (I’m sure a lot of you all experienced that as well in your own places of employment!) We enter the 2021 season more prepared and with lots of exciting new changes. I hope you’ll join us again! Our CSA memberships will be opening up soon and I can’t wait to send our flowers out into the world again.


Our main focus right now is on the life bursting into being in our greenhouses in anticipation of our annual plant sale and our own flower fields. We heard your feedback last year and added five new grow light set ups to make sure our plant starts are bigger, stronger and more mature by the time our plant sale opens. We are paying special attention to the Tomatoes and Peppers!  We’ve also had our hands full getting our Valentines Day offerings ready!


In preparation for of the day of love, we have some goodies in the shop for adding a little romance and color to your special person’s day! We have gorgeous amaryllis that are coming into bloom just in time, in both classic red and a soft, double petaled pink, valued at over $40 but available for $20. We also have some romantic heart wreaths that combine our farm harvested flowers in dreamy arrangements, in multiple colorscapes. Preserved flowers and greenery hold their color and shape so the heart wreath can be enjoyed for years to come, and makes a sweet wall accent year round. We are offering both delivery and farm pick up on both items. CSA memberships are also excellent gifts to give!


Again, we are so grateful for all of you. Interacting with our members is truly the best part of the growing season, and I hope to see you, arms full of flowers, in a few short months. Thanks for supporting our family farm, encouraging our floral dreams, and making all of the hard work worth it. 


lots of love to you all,

Amanda & Family