Annual Plant Sale Time!

Its that time again! Our Annual Plant sale will begin officially on April 16th, 2021 at 10 am. Loads of Gorge tested annuals/perennials/veggies/tubers will be available!  Located at 2927 Eliot Drive, in the heights in Hood River.  This year, we are offering pre-order to help keep our community safe as we continue with pandemic pre-cautions. Simply select the plant varieties you'd like and we will contact you as soon as your order is ready for pick-up.  

This is our second year implementing online ordering, so thanks in advance for your patience last season and this one while we adjust to new processes being introduced to a 30+ year routine. Plant sizes and pricing increase as the season progresses and we will update the order forms accordingly, so if you like the price and the size you see today, act fast! Cucumbers and Herbs will be listed on the website within the next week, so hold tight for those. 

According to "Better Homes and Gardens", over 21 million people took up gardening for the first time last year!  That's a lot of new hands playing in the dirt and purchasing seeds and plant starts, which meant the entire industry struggled to keep up.  We planned ahead this year to accommodate our newest gardening friends, purchasing seeds much earlier and starting them sooner than ever! It was a well-researched break from the norm to be sowing certain veggies so much earlier than usual, but a rewarding decision so far. Our prior method was to grow our cool weather crops first as they can be removed from the greenhouse in time to free up room for tomatoes and peppers as they mature, but with the number of orders we received last year, it quickly became clear that system would no longer work. We’ve retooled our planting schedule and growing operation to make sure our quality doesn’t diminish in the pursuit of quantity. We are pleased with the adjustments we've made and have some of the beefiest plant starts we've ever seen!


Once an order is placed, you will receive an email confirming the details regarding pick up. We are only offering delivery for orders over $100 this year, as the plant sale is outdoors and all of the driving around the Gorge last year didn't strike us as particularly environmentally friendly.

Thanks for supporting our small family farm. We appreciate our community and can't wait to help you get growing! 

Please note that heat loving plants, such as tomatoes, will not be available for pick up or delivery until outside temps are safe (usually Mid-May) for them. We want to give our plants the best odds possible to thrive in your garden! That being said, for any newcomers to our sale, tomatoes and zucchini tend to sell out before they've even left the greenhouse so pre-ordering is the best bet.