Orange Dreamscape

Am I the only one who intensely associates the color orange with summer time? The color conjures up memories of otter pops, flip flops and swimming lessons, and that old Bath and Body Works glitter lotion “Orange Dreamsicle” that almost everyone had in the early aughts.
Orange is energizing and revitalizing, and it is both succulent and fresh. Clean and juicy all at once. That whole section of the color wheel is a favorite of mine, and adding one or two flowers in that range to an arrangement can bring a bouquet from “meh” to “zing!”
I found myself with an abundance of these colors this weekend after cutting extra to accommodate a special order, and, as you know, we never want to let our beautiful babies go to waste! The farmhouse was already stocked up with flowers and my fiancé and I can’t keep bouquets around at our rental because I have one garbage disposal cat that likes to eat EVERYTHING. (Seriously, she’s a holy terror but I love her.)
In any case, I had a few buckets of flowers that wouldn’t last past the next days and I had a desperate need to get up the mountain somewhere cooler.
We grabbed our buckets and some fruit from the citrus bowl and headed to one of the few “undiscovered” swimming holes left in the area, and I spent the next few hours taking turns between arranging and dipping in cool mountain waters. It was a fantastic Sunday afternoon, and looking at these photos has me craving a popsicle all over again!