Love is in the Air

Celebrate Love!

After the year we’ve all had, it’s more important than ever to show the people around us how much we value their presence in our lives. This pandemic has shifted our values in a way that helps us view our relationships with new appreciation. We want to help you show that appreciation with some assorted gifts and goodies!


I’ve spent the last month nurturing some humongous amaryllis bulbs into action with a marvelous new indoor grow house and am delighted at their displays of color! Nothing helps beat the winter greys away like bright bold pops of red and sweet, blushing pinks. Amaryllis is one of the most low maintenance plants out there, and will give you multiple blooms per year. You can even time them to bloom at specific times quite easily, so special occasions can be even more magical. (An easy growing guide can be found here.) I’ve wrapped each pot in delightful festive paper and ribbon, and we are happy to offer them for both delivery and farm pick up. They are available for purchase now, and I have a limited supply so get yours before they’re gone!


Another excellent gift idea for the day of love is a more eternal expression of love, a heart wreath crafted from our farm grown flowers. The flowers were harvested at their peak and allowed to dry and preserve in the safety of my warm basement. These gorgeous wreaths will look just as sweet for years to come, and make excellent decor for children’s rooms or office spaces. These are available now for farm pick up or delivery.


My favorite gift idea is, of course, our floral CSA. This is a gift that keeps on giving over a twelve week period during the peak growing season, and it allows us to share or flowers with someone new. 

I know for a lot of people Valentines Day is a cheesy holiday designed to sell greeting cards, but I’m all for a day that brings love to the forefront, and it doesn’t hurt that there’s lots of chocolate! No matter how you choose to spend February 14th, we hope you enjoy it!