Introducing New Crescent Moons!

We had to take to the woods to showcase these delightful little stunners. A fully lined moss covered crescent vessel is new to our line up, and it seems so perfect for a Pacific Northwest table. The natural look makes it feel as though the flowers have just sprung up out of this beautiful little moss moon.
While I only have two of these vessels available currently, if there is enough interest I will absolutely be adding more of them to my next order.
One outstanding aspect of these containers is that once you are done enjoying the arrangement within, you can simply remove the flowers, dump out the water, and then fill the crescent with beautiful succulents, a rock collection, or even sand with candles!
They are so sturdy and well-crafted they are sure to continue bringing joy and beauty for ages after the blooms have faded.
I’ve added these gems to the online store, so you can find them by clicking here.