Growing in the Greenhouse

Now that 2021 is really kicking off, we come upon the magical time of year that feels like the Christmas Eve of flower season. January, February and March are full of sugar plum dreams of the blooms to come. Seed packets litter every possible surface in the kitchen, potting mix finds its way into every nook and cranny, and the sowing schedule becomes a Bible and treasure map.  Each little tendril of green sprouting out of dark soil teases and promises summer glory, and we watch like children, impatient and elated.

Normally at this point I’ve only just started seeding veggies for our annual plant sale, but with last year’s influx of new customers came some great new feedback. You all said you wanted bigger, beefier, more mature starts, and I’ve made it my mission to give the people what they want! After investing in new grow lights, more heating and a better set up, we are right on track to have some fabulous plants for sale this spring!

It was a well-researched break from the norm to be sowing certain veggies so much earlier than usual, but a rewarding decision so far. Our prior method was to grow our cool weather crops first as they can be removed from the greenhouse in time to free up room for tomatoes and peppers as they mature, but with the number of orders we received last year, it quickly became clear that system would no longer work. We’ve retooled our planting schedule and growing operation to make sure our quality doesn’t diminish in the pursuit of quantity. (We also didn’t have to battle seed shipment delays like last year when Covid first emerged and had everyone scrambling, but seed shortages are an issue for most farmers this year. That whole topic could be an entire separate blog post!)

I’m eager to share this spring’s plants with you all, and  want to share more about the sale and why we do it as we get closer to opening. I’ll be posting “progress reports” here on the farm blog periodically so you can see behind the scenes and get an idea of what will be available this year. If you have any questions about our perennials, annuals or other offerings feel free to reach out! We love sharing the joy of growing!