Coastal Adventure

While a flower farmer’s season might seem like a few brief summer months, it is without a doubt a full year, full time labor of love that requires long hours and constant vigilance. We actually begin seeding trays around the end of January, so by the end of July, the burnout starts creeping in. The burn out is real, ya’ll!
Luckily for me, I not only have an incredible support team with friends, family, and my very patient fiancé (and awesome customers!), but the universe did me a solid this week. The incredibly high temperatures made it unfathomable to cut for our CSA bouquets this Sunday and Monday, which freed up a little bit of the schedule to give both myself and the gardens some much needed time off. This also just happened to be perfectly aligned with my fiancé’s 34th birthday, and he deserved some sort of reward for his tireless support and boundless energy when it comes to helping me with farm stuff. We decided to head to the water again, but this time, big salty water!
Of course, being the weirdo I am, I had to find someway to incorporate flowers into the trip, so on our way out I loaded up some blooms that could be cut without withering instantly and added ice to their buckets. We also had the awesome opportunity to stop by River City Flower Farm, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Row after row of incredible blooms, and their sweet pea game is out of this world! Seriously honking big sweet peas. I was flabbergasted. They graciously allowed me to cut some blooms, which included massive, fat bachelor buttons and the star of the show, a pro-cut sunflower that I cannot recall the name of but she is gorgeous!
We then went back to the hotel, where I whipped up three medium sized arrangements for easy transport, and then gingerly stuffed them into a hiking backpack for the walk to the beach. I’m not sure this was even necessary, as any strange looks I avoided carrying the flowers in this way were definitely still received while I was setting up on the beach. Hahaha!
Flowers have a way of sparking joy and conversation, and I can say we absolutely spent more time talking to people about flowers than actually taking photos, which was totally fine with me. I love hearing people’s memories involving flowers and watching faces light up when a particularly beautiful bloom catches their eye. Flowers do things to our hearts and mind, and I am so down to keep sharing that experience with others.
And yes, my fiancé still got downtime, his plate of fish and chips, and he’s happily snoring his birthday morning away. In fact, I should probably go bother him. Until the next adventure, keep loving flowers!