A Flower Farm Blog!

Well, you asked, and I'll do my best to deliver! 

I'm starting this blog as sort of a catch-all for farm updates, growing and arranging tips, a few tutorials, photo dumps and, occasionally, the musings of a farmer florist who is slowly taking the reigns at the family farm.  It might also be a way for you to get to know me better and to get a clearer idea of why I'm so passionate about bringing local, seasonal flowers to the tables of our community.

If nothing else, it will make my social media feeds a little less busy, so you can check us out there if you just want to see the photos of pretty flowers and market offerings. 


To kick things off, here's a great example of how my brain works.  I was out trimming shrubbery this morning to allow more light on some snapdragons that are getting a bit too stretched out, and then I thought, "I might as well trim that English Ivy creeping over the fence from the neighbor's yard."

Once I had a respectable pile of greenery, inspiration hit. Why not use the foliage with some leftovers from market cuttings (stems that broke, were too short, were too mature, etc) and flesh out that new arch I just bought (wildly discounted because the legs aren't the same length)? I told myself it would just be a quick little exercise to practice some mechanics, but I think my brain was really bargaining to get inside out of the sun and heat. 

Once I got started it was hard to stop, enjoying listening to podcasts and eating cold cherries in equal measure.  Creating a mini dreamscape is easier than it looks; if you aren't a weirdo like me and don't have a full sized arch set up in your living room, you can always use a large unused frame, an old stuffy chair, or a scuffed up dresser. Hell, you could even use an old cardboard box with the bottom punched out! There are no limits! Use what you have, and allow the flowers to do the heavy lifting. Even if you don't end up with something you find photo worthy, take the photo anyway to preserve the moment you discovered how much fun it can be to focus your creative energy into a floral piece. Don't aim for perfection, aim for relaxation, meditation and education. Just fill your hands with flowers and watch what happens. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.